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Coffee Club (Siglap).

So, Rene, Von and I dined at Coffee Club on Thursday because Rene had to do a restaurant review for her HTM assignment). Wasn’t particularly in the mood, I never know what to eat there actually, and I normally only go there for the yummy and generous serving of mudpie. But after much poring over the menu and selecting the Coffee Club Burger by process of elimination, I’ll have to grudgingly admit that it tasted pretty good.

Coffee Club Burger

Coffee Club Burger

The beef patty was acceptably juicy, and the wedges generally decent. (The only reason I actually bothered with pictures this time was because Rene needs them for her assignment. So since I have ’em, might as well use ’em!) Surprising. Considering the fact that almost every time we go to Coffee Club I have so much difficulty trying to find something I actually want to eat. The Garlic Prawn Pasta, that some people I know seem to love, is honestly palatable – but a tad too oily for my taste.

Rene had the Piri Piri Chicken…

Piri Piri Chicken

Piri Piri Chicken

Which was supposedly covered with some sort of ‘special’ Bolognese/Neapolitan/whatever that tasted most ordinaire. It was also almost camouflaged by a sea of rocket lettuce that Rene really doesn’t appreciate but I thankfully do.

We also tried the Wasabi Prawn Salad…

Wasabi Prawn Salad

Which was quite nice except for the strange-block-of-brown-seedy-thing-that-I-cannot-put-a-name-to that also co-existed with the otherwise decent salad. Rene says she’s never liked it (the brown thing) – even at Malay stalls (yes I presume it actually has a Malay name except that I don’t know what it is. Can someone enlighten me? Its brown, its rectangular cuboids, soft, and strange tasting. =X). It doesn’t really go with the rest of the dish. Fusion perhaps. :S

Also, please don’t drink the Strawberry Milkshake. Rene had it and it was like, sickeningly sweet Magnolia Strawberry Milk that was blended with ice, garnished and served. 

Overall, the food is decent, the ambience is always good for chilling out, and it is still one of my preferred cafe haunts. However, service standards were lacking and the cakes on display also tend to get a bit dry past evening time. So I suggest you stick to the mudpie. 😀


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