The Baker

Me at work/play. This is a chronicle of all the edible experiments that have emerged from Lizzy’s expeditions into the kitchen. Coming from a country wherein most people her age profess to have zero affinity with ovens and the word ‘baking’ in general, she has discovered the words “I can’t bake” to be a non-fact.

Having realized a month ago that she wasn’t quite as useless in the kitchen as she presumed she was, she dived headlong with much gusto into discovering, with childlike curiosity, what she could do with her newfound ability. 

As she trudges further into this vastly unchartered territory, she can only hope to get better and create more and more amazing, yummy desserts – much to the chagrin of her mother (who has yet to come to terms with the fact that her precious kitchen is slowly being taken over by her whimsical younger daughter) and family members in general, who cannot understand why she wants to bake so much. 

Some of her friends have also been less than sympathetic towards her seemingly raving addiction. For example, one recently remarked that she could’ve just made an omelette with all her spare egg whites instead of whipping up a wonderful batch of chocolate mint meringue cookies. I mean, honestly, who is going to eat a 5 egg white omelette over melt-in-your-mouth meringue? 

Musings aside, Lizzy just enjoys creating the desserts that she has spent most of her life consuming vast quantities of, as she has an exceeding sweet tooth and a undeniable desire to devour rich, heavenly food.


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